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 Baby Pillow - Set
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EB-Pillow Case # 802c EB-Pillow Case # 802c
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Newborn Baby - Pillow
Pillow size: 30"x 24"x 8"
40" zipper -† for easy care
Fits any standard crib

Cutting Edge Baby Products

Posted by Jacek on 2/1/2014 to NEWBORN
There are thousands of different products out there that can be used for your baby. But it can be hard to decide which ones can actually be helpful. You want to research and consider your lifestyle to narrow down the choices. The good news is that there are some items that can make your life easier and your baby more comfortable and happy.

Easy Burp
This is a pillow that can help to make feedings go a lot smoother when it comes to your baby. It can help with the following:

Reducing acid reflux
Preventing ear infections
Relieving nasal congestion
Easing breathing

This is simply placed into your baby's crib and you lie him or her on it. It is comfortable and has a case that you can remove and wash.

Convertible Car Seats
These are nice because it easily becomes a carrier and can be placed onto wheels, making it a stroller. This saves a lot of time, especially when you have more than one child tagging along with you. You can also find options that can become booster seats when your child outgrows the car seat so that you do not have to invest additional money for car safety.

Diaper Pail
Diapers do not emit the most pleasant of odors and you do not have time to run outside and toss the dirty ones several times a day. Diaper pails will lock in the odor and work to neutralize it. This will save you time and ensure that your home smells fresh and inviting.

Baby Carriers
There are baby carriers that you wear that will keep your baby at your chest. This can keep your hands free while still keeping your baby close, comfortable and secure. These strap on and are usually secured with a simple Velcro or buckles.                                

Some people may think that to keep baby  in an upright position after feeding they may use baby carriers.   

Using baby carriers after feeding, can create pressure on baby stomach and baby spilling. 

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Spitting up and vomiting

Spitting up and vomiting in babies
have become a huge area of parental concern.
After your baby swallows milk, it glides past the back of the throat into a muscular tube (the esophagus) and, from there, into the stomach.

Infants are especially prone to reflux because:

  • Their stomachs are quite small so they are easily distended by the milk
  • The lower esophagus valve may be immature and may not tighten up when it should
There are a few things that might help:

1. Keep your baby upright after feeding for some time

2. Elevate whole baby's body when laying down (to let gravity help out)

3. Make sure there's no pressure on the stomach

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